Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beautiful Macy and Her Gorgeous Family {Northern Utah Baby and Family Photographer}

First of all, sorry for the serious blog neglect!  I will do better, I swear!  Now to the important stuff:  LOOK AT THIS GIRL'S EYES!!

Ohmygoodness, Macy is precious!  She was so great during our session.  When she was ready for our sitting to be over, she didn't even cry a peep... she just refused to look at me (and that got the job done!).  Thanks so much to Macy's fun family for having me over to capture their six-month-old beauty!


  1. Sarah -
    Thank you SO much for capturing our baby girl. Ironically one grandma's favorite picture is in front of the flowers not looking at the camera, and my favorite is the last one. It captures the happiness we have with her in our lives!

  2. Kristan,
    Thanks so much for letting me! I am crazy about your sweet little one! You have a beautiful family!!